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The "10K Classic" was started in 1979 and was nationally known as the Wendy's 10K Classic. In 1988, the race name was changed to The Bowling Green 10K Classic and continued to draw thousands of people around the world to race in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Over the years, events have been added to this race such as the 10K wheelchair race, 5K run/walk, 1.5 mile fun walk and the Children's Classic. In 2000, The Medical Center became the Title Sponsor of the events. Now, in its 40th year, Med Center Health 10K Classic is known by all as "The Race for Everyone". This event captures every age and athletic ability and encourages the true mission of this race, health for all ages.

In the nearly four decades of the 10K Classic, there have been countless economic dollars spent in the region, thousands of dollars given away to participants, thousands of awards given for notable achievements, but all is for naught when compared to a joyful participant crossing a finish line.

The 10K Classic has been and always will be about giving the participant more than they paid for.

We hope you enjoy the races and will continue to make it a part of your fall activities with family and friends.